Genre Portfolio

Finding A Passion

Throughout our lives, there are issues we find ourselves drawn to, either because we are knowledgeable about them or they invoke personal experiences – sometimes both. In this class, you will be selecting a topic of interest about which you have a strong opinion and use this topic as the subject of several writing projects within different genres. These multiple writing assignments will then be collected into a portfolio to be evaluated as a whole at the end of class. Below is a brief overview of the different genres we will be exploring.

Social media

  •  One of the ways many of us express ourselves and our opinions is through social media. This can include anything from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to TikTok.
  • For this assignment, you will be expressing your opinion about the topic you have selected by composing a post for a social media outlet of your choosing.
  • You will be evaluated on your ability to compose a clear message that fits the parameters and expectations of the social media site.

Article Analysis

  • You will select an article that addresses your topic and takes a stance on your issue. It can take a stance you agree with or one you disagree with.
  • Summarize the article and discuss why you agree or disagree with its point of view, using quotes from the article itself.
  • You will find this assignment particularly useful when we move to the research paper, and you are encouraged to incorporate this analysis and cite this article as one of your sources for that assignment.

Letter / E-mail

  • This will be a letter or an e-mail you compose to a person of authority asking them to give their attention to your topic of interest.
  • You will be expressing the need for their support and addressing them in a manner befitting their station, whether they be a politician, a teacher, a CEO, etc.
  • You will be evaluated on your rhetorical ability to persuade, as well as your consideration of the person with whom you are communicating.

Opinion Piece

  • This can be written in the form of a Letter to the Editor, op-ed column in a newspaper, or even a blog post.
  • Within this piece, you will be expressing your stance on the issue and encouraging a call to action. The call to action should be something appropriate to your issue, whether you want your reader to vote or contribute to your cause with their time or money.
  • You will be evaluated on your ability to address your audience, clearly articulate your opinion and communicate your call to action.

Research Paper

  • This final piece of your portfolio will require the most commitment and time from you.
  • Using at least five sources, you will educate your reader on the intricacies of your issue. These sources can be from popular publications, such as magazines or newspapers, but at least two of the sources must be from scholarly journals.
  • This paper is more focused on providing the background an outsider would need to understand the issue, rather than necessarily expressing your opinion about the topic at hand.
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