Mystical Music: Chords of Prophecy Book 1

When Marek Dabrowski, a disillusioned pianist, stumbles into Madame Rosivda’s divination shop, he isn’t looking to have his fortune told, just an escape from the rain. Still, he takes her up on the offer of a free tarot reading. Out of curiosity, he returns for another reading and then another. Before long, he starts to see a direct correlation between the cards and his life. The Emperor is his stingy boss, Mr. Robins. Judgment is a street-corner trumpet player named Abaddon. Death is a cute waitress from a local jazz club named Nyx. Soon Marek starts to hear the music in a new and interesting way, with just a hint of magic to guide him.

Strange Questions to Ask Librarians

Librarians know everything, so ask them anything. This collection of poems from the strange mind of Kaitlyn Bolyard will leave you questioning your place in the world and everyone else in it. Ranging from weirdos drinking White Ukranians to magnificent humans, all are welcome here. We might not be perfect, but we’re family, and the library is where we gather to read.

Mr. Wilson’s Wives

Shunned by the women of her family for writing a tell-all memoir, Elizabeth Rodriguez escapes to northern Wisconsin for peace and inspiration. Before she can even get settled in, an obituary in the local newspaper catches her attention. As soon as she learns about Erwin Wilson and his twenty-three wives throughout his life, she makes it her mission to learn more. She begins by interviewing some of the locals and his remaining ex-wives, and she soon develops plans for her next bestseller. When her younger brother unexpectedly appears at her doorstep, she puts him to work helping her research and gather information. But with each mystery Elizabeth uncovers, she comes closer to the truth: maybe some stories aren’t meant to be told, and maybe building family trust is more important.

Echoing Back at You: A Decade of Social Media Poetry

Kaitlyn Ulmer Bolyard uses social media statuses as the fodder for her poetry, often with strange and hilarious results. Some of her most recent poems have even taken on a more insightful tone, allowing readers to look into what is happening in the world and how it affects our day-to-day lives. For the past decade (2011-2021), she has been crafting these poems, posting them on social media, borrowing from friends’ statuses, writing for friends, and sharing at open mics. It wasn’t until recently that she realized she could share these creations with a much wider audience.

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