Kaitlyn Ulmer Bolyard uses social media statuses as the fodder for her poetry, often with strange and hilarious results. Some of her most recent poems have even taken on a more insightful tone, allowing readers to look into what is happening in the world and how it affects our day-to-day lives. For the past decade (2011-2021), she has been crafting these poems, posting them on social media, borrowing from friends’ statuses, writing for friends, and sharing at open mics. It wasn’t until recently that she realized she could share these creations with a much wider audience.

In her first poetry collection, Kaitlyn M. Ulmer delves into the recesses of the mind through newly formed pen-marked thoughts she calls inklings. With seven divisions, she guides the reader smoothly from one topic to another. “Odds & Ends” showcases everyday occurrences and oddities. “Rants” bombards the reader with deeply instilled anger. “One-eyed Window” focuses inward at the self. “Somewhat Sappy But True” unleashes a stream of gushy but realistic love poetry. “View of the World” looks out to comment on political, religious and social issues. “A Darker Shade” descends into the realm of sorrow and doubt. Finally, “Poet’s Pen” sums up the collection with a conglomeration of seemingly random poetry that just couldn’t fit anywhere else.

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